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Dear Everybody,

I just wanted to thank you all for your custom and support over the last year. 
To those of you who have recommended me you are amazing – there is no better advertising than this for me. To those of you who have taken the time to write reviews on my Facebook page and Google Business I cannot explain the buzz it gives me to read how happy you and your fur babies have been. It also gives potential new customers an insight from a client about my service.
There are a few changes that I have had to make for next year … don't worry, nothing too major!! But you may want to consider a few things when booking their next holiday!

BOOKINGS - I have, reluctantly, had to make the decision to stop taking bookings for stays less than 4 days – the reason is simple, when full season starts I find that I am turning people away with bookings of 7 days or more because I am full for 2/3 days (usually over a weekend) this has left me with empty chalets that could have been filled and even with my “not business minded brain” this way of working cannot be sustained in a small cattery.
By all means ask and if I have space between bookings I will be happy to help.

PAYING - I am due to change my bank details in the coming months so if you normally pay by bank transfer please check the details with me before making payments.

GIFT A DEPOSIT!   I have introduced a voucher service! So if you want to purchase a gift for a cat owner who would or does use my cattery let me know.  I have special TLC Cattery cards and envelopes to put them in.
ADVANCE BOOKINGS!  Please be aware that I take bookings up to a year in advance (some people are really that super organised!) So if you know the dates you are going away, even if you haven't actually decided where yet, don't delay and be disappointed when I tell you I am already full – it's sad for all of us.

ELDERLY CLIENTS  For those of you with more mature fur babies (14 years + in human 72 years old and over) – I am now putting together a short questionnaire to cover their/and your requirements.
This will cover such things as insurance, veterinary costs, medications and the really hard decisions so that we are all prepared for any eventuality. As well as what their must have food is when they feel a bit out of sorts (fresh meats or fish, milk etc!)

I am happy to take any age or medicated cat but I do need to know everything in order to give them a comfortable, loving and relaxed holiday and for you to go feeling relaxed that I have everything covered.

Finally, please refresh your memory by checking my Terms and Conditions. They aren't long but they are important to know!
It has been a pleasure to meet and get to know you and your furry family members.
I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and New Year break and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all in the coming year.
                                            Lisa, Jenny,
                                      Ebony and Crystal 

​This pet service covers Ferndow, West Parley, West moors, Wimborne, Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch DORSET